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Kim Barnes: Learn the Craft, Trust the Process


Recently, a former student emailed to say he’d been accepted into a few MFA programs, but ultimately, he’d decided on the University of Idaho. When I asked him what made the difference, he cited the beauty of the location, the … Continue reading

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The Swamp


When I was a little girl–reading novel after novel, watching movie after movie–I noticed one thing: men got to retreat from the hubbub of family life into their own special rooms, and that their time in this room was sacrosanct. … Continue reading

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Shall We Play a Game?


  For the last few days, I’ve been trying to come up with a way to “gamify” my novel writing process. To give each day’s writing session a strategic goal. A certain number of pages, or words, or time spent. … Continue reading

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No Word Allowed


A few months ago, I gave my Intro to Creative Writing class this assignment: Create a story, essay, poem, or play that is composed in anything EXCEPT Microsoft Word (or any word processing program). You must type the text into … Continue reading

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