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After Downton: Try These Great Period Drama Series


When Downton Abbey, Series 1 finished last spring, I was bereft. To cope, I embarked on a period drama frenzy. These were my favorites. Perhaps they will fill the void for you, too. Click on the title to go to … Continue reading

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Take My Survey about Novels in MFA Programs


“Of all the ambient commonplaces about MFA programs, perhaps the only accurate one is that the programs are organized around the story form.” Chad Harbach said this in his n+1/Slate essay, “MFA or NYC?” Do you think he’s right? I … Continue reading

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Weekly Words


I require my novel-writing students to turn in 2,250 words a week for 12 weeks. If they turn in the words, they get 25 points. If they don’t turn in the words (or turn in less than 2,250), they don’t … Continue reading

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Novels to Stories, Stories to Novel


If you’re looking for a way to turn a novel into short stories or (more likely) turn stories into a novel, try these activities. First, novel into stories.  1.) Read “The Beau Monde of Mrs. Bridge,” a short story by … Continue reading

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