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Every Day We Write the Books: Please, Contribute to My Tumblr


Selfies + Accountability During the summer of 2013, I wanted to keep track of how many days I wrote. Like making a big fat X on a calendar. Except I don’t use a physical calendar anymore. So I hit the Photo … Continue reading

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Twitter in a Creative Writing Class


Inspired by the way Adam Johnson shares innovative classes via Blogger, I decided to create a blog for two of my classes this semester. One is a graduate course on Linked Stories, and the other is an undergraduate course on … Continue reading

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So Cathy, what happened? How did your students do? I’m so sorry it’s taken me awhile to update you! The end of NaNo is also the end of the semester, a busy time, as I’m sure you know. Okay: FINAL … Continue reading

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Finding Time for a Big Thing


The last two questions on the midterm Survey Monkey survey I gave to my students: What has been the hardest part of this process? What has been the easiest part of this process? Far and away, they said the hardest … Continue reading

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Changing Habits During NaNo


Survey Question 2: Did you start writing on Nov. 1 or before? 9 students started on Nov. 1 4 students started before Nov. 1 (sometime around Oct. 1) Are you happy with that decision? All the students who started on … Continue reading

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The Gamification of Novel Writing


Are Word Counts like “Points”? For twenty years, my writing practice had no structure. I wrote when inspired and I would keep writing until I wasn’t inspired. If I didn’t have a big block of time, I wouldn’t write. I … Continue reading

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Writing Together


On Monday, I opened the door to my classroom and my Advanced Fiction students filed inside. I opened up some cookies, scattered some leftover Halloween candy on the desk. I showed them that we’d received another postcard from the students … Continue reading

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Publicity as a Motivator


The Ball State Daily News ran a story today about National Novel Writing Month. Seriously. Front page. Above the fold. The neighboring headline read “Sex Study places BSU 31st.” And right above, there was a huge picture of Conan O’Brien. … Continue reading

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Five (or Six)


Charles Demuth, Figure 5 in Gold A few days ago, Sonya Chung posted this great essay on The Millions about being a teacher of creative writing and about the uncertainty that’s inherent to the writing life. She mentions a recent … Continue reading

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Not only do I want to change the name from “Novel Writing” to “Novel Drafting,” I also want to change it from one month to two. National Novel Drafting Two Months! NaNoWriMo creator Chris Baty says he picked November as … Continue reading

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