Other Publications

Short Stories in Periodicals

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Short Stories Reprinted in Anthologies

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Nonfiction in Journals and Magazines

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Nonfiction in Anthologies or Books

“Where Are We Going Next? A Conversation about Creative Writing Pedagogy.” (reprint, co-authored by Cathy Day, Anna Leahy, and Stephanie Vanderslice). National Writing Project (2011): online and pdf. In July 2011, the National Writing Project contacted us to secure permission to republish our conversation on its website.

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Options and Adaptations

The Circus in Winter, optioned for musical theater by Virginia Ball Center for Creative Inquiry, an interdisciplinary program at Ball State University. A concert version of the show has been performed in Muncie at Sursa Hall, in Chicago at Drury Lane Theater, in Peru, Indiana at the Ole Olsen Memorial Theater and the International Circus Hall of Fame, and at the Muncie Civic Theatre. A fully realized production was mounted at Ball State in Fall 2011 as part of University Theatre’s 2011-2012 season. As a fully participating entry into the Kennedy Center’s American College Theatre Festival (KC-ACTF), the musical was eligible to be selected for the regional competition.  It was selected and was performed at the KC-ACTF’s Region III Festival at the University of Illinois’ Krannert Center for the Performing Arts in January 2012.  A national committee then selected Circus as one of the top five shows in the nation, and it earned a total of seven awards at the national awards ceremony in April 2012.

Following the astounding success of the show at the KC-ACTF, the National Alliance for Music Theatre (NAMT) selected the musical as a finalist in their yearly new work competition.  NAMT’s 24th Annual Festival of New Musicals is a premiere industry event that gathers theatre industry leaders to discover the eight musicals selected.  Hundreds of scripts are considered but only eight are given abbreviated performances in what has become a major stepping-stone towards a Broadway production.  According to American Theatre Magazine, NAMT is “an industry-only event, and it happens for only two days, but it makes a major impact in the world of musical theatre.” The Circus in Winter will both open and close this year’s festival, the first new work to do so in the history of NAMT.

You can follow the developments at show’s website, here.

The Lone Star Cowboy” (short story from The Circus in Winter) optioned and produced by independent filmmaker, Alexander Georgakis, Los Angeles, CA.