• For Love and the Colts,” an essay published on the day after Super Bowl XLI that became the germ of Comeback Season.


  • 2014 interview with Shari Rudavsky from the Indianapolis Star about “life, love, and the Colts.”
  • 2013 podcast reading about how to handle advice-seekers, on The Drunken Odyssey ~ A Podcast About the Writing Life.
  • Brief 2013 statement to Brian Furuness for Brevity magazine, on fighting despair over writing.
  • 2012 interview with Wendy Skinner for Sleet magazine about Midwest Gothic, strong female characters, and literary citizenship.
  • 2012 interview for Historic Muncie project on “Creatives Living in the Emily Kimbrough District of Muncie” with my neighbor and BSU colleague Maura Jasper.
  • 2012 interview with Lindsey Riley for Ball Bearings, Ball State’s magazine. A multi-media feature on the Peru Amateur Circus!
  •  2011 interview by Linda Earle for GLCA New York Arts Program Alumni Newsletter–an interview about when I worked at Interview magazine!
  • 2011 interview by Sara Phinney for a story on The Circus in Winter: a Musical for Indiana Public Radio 92.1 WBST.
  • 2010 interview on the Ball State University English Department blog.
  • 2010 interview with David Inge on WILL Urbana’s Focus.
  • 2009 and 2006 podcast interviews with Ellen Wadey on WYEP Pittsburgh’s Prosody.
  • 2008 Interview with Regis Behe in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.
  • 2008 interview with Bryan Furuness for Hobart literary journal online.
  • 2005 interview with Kurt Andersen on PRI’s Studio 360.


  • Review of The Circus in Winter by John Warner in The Staff Recommends.
  • Review of The Circus in Winter by Gary Krist in The New York Times.
  • Review of The Circus in Winter by Michael Pakenham in The Baltimore Sun.
  • Review of The Circus in Winter in Kirkus Reviews.
  • Review of Comeback Season in Cynthia Closkey’s blog My Brilliant Mistakes.
  • Review of Comeback Season by Rita Kohn in NUVO, Indianapolis.
  • Review of Comeback Season by Samantha Bennett in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


Readings and Talks

The Circus in Winter: The Musical