I can tailor these topics as 60-90 minute lectures or 3+ hour intensive workshops.


Literary Citizenship: Make the World a Better Place for Books

What is the secret to getting published? Cathy’s answer: Create a world in which books are valued and writers can thrive. This talk is aimed at both writers seeking to expand their circles and at readers seeking to live more literary lives.

Literary Citizenship 101

This session covers both the HOW and WHY of Literary Citizenship. A literary citizen is an aspiring writer who understands that you have to contribute to, not just expect things from, the publishing world. Cathy’s goal is for each participant to gain a sense of tech empowerment and an understanding of how to practice literary citizenship. You’ll develop a frame of mind that leads to meaningful exchanges with other writers and readers, and you’ll learn how to expand your circles in ways that you can manage in the midst of a busy life. Offered at the intro and intermediate level.

Blogging for Authors

This session covers WHY you need a blog or website. Social media channels are the spokes in your communication wheel. Your blog or website is the hub of that wheel. A blog demonstrates your voice, your writing ability, your niche. We’ll discuss the key differences between writing for the web and writing prose, such as the importance of images and how to craft an eye-catching headline. Offered at the intro and intermediate level.

Social Media for Authors

This session covers WHY authors should use social media. Stop thinking about what you’re supposed to do to get your book noticed. Instead, ask yourself: What did I do today to help someone else’s book get noticed? To what conversations can I contribute? How can I add value to the literary communities of which I’m a member? Do you have to have to use all these social media channels? Absolutely not. I’ll help you figure that out. This is an intro level talk.


Facebook is how we talk to people we already know. Twitter is how we talk to people we don’t know…yet. Twitter is like the world’s best cocktail party, full of people you might never get a chance to meet in real life, and that party is always happening, and you can drop in whenever you like. It allows you to connect with other writers, readers, agents, editors, and other publishing professionals. I demonstrate how to make these connections via hashtags and searches using the Twitter tool Tweetdeck.

Other Tech Focus Sessions

  • Create your own professional blog or website
  • Use social media to build your writing community
  • Interview writers and publish those interviews
  • Review books and publish those
  • Lecture + demonstration of Twitter, Facebook, GoodRads, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

Other Tech Focus Sessions

I can deliver a lecture + demonstration on any of these topics/platforms:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • GoodReads
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Google+
  • Tumblr
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube