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Storyboard Class


There are Two Kinds of Novelists  Outline people (aka “Plotters”) No Outline People (aka “Pantsers,” because they write by the seat of their pants). I am an Outline Person. I was born that way. On Saturday, December 10 from 1-4 … Continue reading

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SOP: Do’s and Don’ts


Here are some specific and potentially provocative things about that interesting little document called a Statement of Purpose. If you agree or disagree with me, great! Put it in the comments. I’d love to get some more do’s and don’ts … Continue reading

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I often make these remarks to MFA program applicants: You’ll never write a good Statement of Purpose (SOP) until you realize that everything I say today is wrong. It may be right for me, but it is wrong for you. … Continue reading

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Talk to the Volleyball or “Know Your Audience” (Real or Imagined)


Blogging has taught me that some of my best writing–my clearest, most readable narrative voice–emerges when I imagine that I’m writing (or talking) to a specific group of people. You may have noticed that I often interview myself here at … Continue reading

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