Storyboard Class

Storyboard Class

Teaching Writing

There are Two Kinds of Novelists 

  • Outline people (aka “Plotters”)
  • No Outline People (aka “Pantsers,” because they write by the seat of their pants).

I am an Outline Person. I was born that way.

On Saturday, December 10 from 1-4 PM, I’ll be teaching a class called “Storyboard Your Novel” for the Writers’ Center of Indiana.

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Writer’s Center of Indiana @ Marian University


I’ll be in Indianapolis tomorrow, Saturday, October 23, to talk more about making big things at the Gathering of Writers. If you’re in Indy or there bouts, please drop by.

If the technology gods are shining down on me, I’ll be presenting my thoughts in the form of a Powerpoint, a form which I like to call The Illustrated Essay.

I don’t use bullets. I use metaphors. I use my own experiences. I have been known to use the word “I.”