Novels vs. Stories in MFA Programs Survey Results

Novels vs. Stories in MFA Programs Survey Results

My plan was to release the survey results one question at a time via ruminative blog posts like this one on whether MFA programs are “anti-novel” or not and this one on the “professionalization” question.

But I’ve changed my mind. Many people wrote to me privately and said, I want to see the results! I’m curious! 

Also, I’m going to be under the weather for the next few weeks.

So: here are the results of my Novel in MFA Programs survey.

The faculty results.

The student results.

Tell me what you find interesting, surprising in these results, and when I’m back to my desk, I’ll talk about it!

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  1. Sarshi says:


    Thus far I’m somewhat surprised by the answers from the faculty survey for question 9. Mentoring a novelist takes more of a faculty’s limited time than mentoring students in other genres and forms.

    I was expecting this to be much more uniform, one way or another. I’m wondering if the difference is because of the way in which each faculty member thinks of short stories and novels, because of their preference for a genre – or because of their luck with students.

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