Most Words Drafted–Fall 2012

Here are the two students who won the Total Word Count Challenge: Kayla Weiss (85,007 words) and Kameron McBride (43,880 words).

 Kayla Weiss

Kayla averaged over 7,000 words a week, or 28 pages a week, for 12 weeks. This is really sort of amazing.kam

 Kameron McBride

Kameron averaged about 3657 words a week, or 14 pages a week, for 12 weeks. Also pretty amazing.

Scroll down to see how many other students took this challenge and did really well. What’s significant about this is that they were only required to turn in 2,250 words per week as their “Weekly Words,” which I talk about here.


This is the second time Kayla has taken my class, and she won last time, too.

Kayla started the semester writing one novel, but discovered that she really wanted to work on a different project. For awhile, she alternated between the two projects before finally committing to the second manuscript. This is smart. When you run out of steam with one manuscript, don’t just stop writing. Pull up another manuscript.

Kameron says that what really helped him was using It provided a clean, uncluttered writing space that he’d keep open on his laptop during the day.

What were their novels about?

I don’t want to give too much away, because both novels have good premises.

Kameron’s is sort of a meta-horror novel. Kayla’s is part of a trilogy she’s been working on for a few years.

Kayla and Kameron won a year’s subscription to Poets & Writers.

You can continue following their writing journeys here:

Runners up

ENG 407-2

  • Scott Bugher 65,878
  • Andy House 62, 353
  • Sarah Hollowell 52, 025
  • Amy Dobbs 38, 365
  • Jackson Eflin 32, 971
  • Samantha Zarhn 27, 393


  • Kiley Neal 40,910
  • Aaron Beal 38, 167
  • Katelyn Wilhelm 33, 857
  • Christian Jones 31,915
  • Hilary Wright 30,694
  • Aaron Price 27, 555