A Meets B at Midwest Writers Workshop

A Meets B at Midwest Writers Workshop

A: I can’t tell you how many times a week I meet someone who says, “I wish someone would sit down with me and show me how to create a website or blog.”

B: And every day, I look at my students sitting in the classroom. I know they have the skills to help people.

How do you get A to meet B?

2013-07-25 14.07.46
Intern Rebekah Hobbs works with Midwest Writers Workshop attendee Susan Holland.

So I applied for a grant to pay a bunch of students to come to a room.

Then I told a bunch of writers who wanted websites/blogs to come to that room, too.

Intern John Carter helps Tony Roberts.
Intern John Carter helps Tony Roberts.

Today they sat in this room for about five hours and the B’s helped the A’s, and the A’s taught the B’s a few things, too.

Actually, the B’s didn’t even know that what they did today was a marketable skill.

Also: standing in front of that room was Roxane Gay, who knows a thing or two about websites and blogs.

These pictures may not look like much, but a lot of learning happened today.

It’s pretty fun to watch people feel empowered about technology.

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