30 Easy Pieces for English Majors

30 Easy Pieces for English Majors

This morning I woke up early, made myself some coffee, and got back into bed with my husband and my dog.

I needed to do a brain dump, a blog post, but I was too lazy to walk into another room and get my laptop.

So I grabbed my phone and started tweeting as @bsuenglish, the Twitter account for my department. And an hour and a half later, I’d tweeted 30 pieces of advice

I hope these words help others–not just the students in my department.



  1. John says:

    Thank you for this, Cathy.

    All thirty of these are true in the truest sense that they can be. After four years as an English major and two years out in the “real” world, I can honestly say I’m proud I did most of these, and have always/will always regret that I didn’t do the rest (this particularly applies to #’s 2, 10, and 22).

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